Monday, August 30, 2010

My Big Sis is Getting Married Next Month!!!

My big sis, Athena will be a married woman next month! I'm so happy and excited for her! I will definitely be pushing for a nephew or niece soon. Well, I've had a blast helping her pick out colors, dresses, and being a small bit of a deciding factor. I'm so excited to show off some wedding pics towards the end of next month. It will definitely be one of those unique, vintage, DIY events that makes the day twice as memorable. Here are a few pictures from the Bachelorette party at Crown and Crumpet and few DIY Weddings that are so inspiring to me.

The beautiful bride to be (Athena Olson)

We took a stroll down Fisherman's Warf in San Francisco, CA and stopped by this cute little boutique for kids.

The Wedding party!

Here are some of the most beautiful and creative weddings. Great wedding inspiration from Style Me Pretty

It is such an honor to be one of the bridesmaids in her wedding. My mom and I are currently working on my bridesmaid's dress. I am having so much fun with it and I can't wait to show you pictures next month. It will definitely be posted for Septembers National Sewing Month and will definitely update you all on the wedding!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shades of Autumn
Only 1 Month away from Fall Season!

I've always been a lover of Autumn. I love everything about it; the weather, the colors, and especially the fashion! Many stores are already sending our their Fall Lookbook. I love the fact that the colors this season are towards a more dull and vintage look. I love it. Here are a few of my favorite looks from my favorite stores.

I feel that J.Crew has always had a very strong Fall Collection every year. To me, they're known for their dark and dull khakis, browns, and greens, which I totally love! They have made a very smart advertising/marketing deal this year by promoting Katie Holmes TV show and having the entire cast model their Fall look.

ASOS's Fall lookbook. They have come up with 4 main colors for their fall collection: Wine, Khaki, Rust, and Camel.

Elizabeth and James

Stay tuned. I will be posting up my favorite Fall looks from my favorite stores throughout the month!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Had a Lovely Past Weekend

I spent a lovely weekend with my old college roomate, Julie. It was about a 3 hour drive up north from San Jose, CA. I had a blast with her. We were able to do an early birthday celebration for her with a tray of cupcakes from Sprinkles and a bottle of Korbe champagne.

Sprinkles Cupcakes
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