Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fashion of the week

My favorite look for the week! This yellow/green pattern, 3/4 sleeves dress is irresistible. Pairing it up with the black sun hat makes it very classy but also gives a hint of a vintage look. Love, love her wavy, black hair with the smokey eye makeup and natural lipstick. Oh, and the adorable, bamboo handle purse is too cute! Unfortunately, I don't know the source for this look but when I find out I will definitely share it with you.

Can't stop staring at this style!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011


Loving the morning food with frosted mini wheats filled with raspberries...

And honey baked grapefruit. I fell in love with this treat ever since we had it on Christmas morning at Uncle Ed's. Though Uncle Ed might have flavored the grapefruit with something else - I flavored it with pure honey :)
Tasteeeeeee...these two have been my favorite morning food. Hope you don't forget to eat the most important meal of the day.

Fashion Beauty tip #1 - beauty contains great health.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Auntie and Niece Day!

I've been so busy for the past two months that I didn't get to spend any one on one time with my two precious nieces. I finally got the chance to do so today!

Poor little Mozelle, she has been begging me to take her to "Bounce O' Rama." It's a fun little place with different astro jumps =) She got so excited, she called the day "Auntie and niece day." Unfortunately, when we arrived there, it was so packed we weren't able to find any parking so we had to take a detour and did a little shopping instead. I told the two (Kassandra-10yrs and Mozelle-5yrs) that our date is to be continued next week.

We had so much fun just goofing off and taking silly pictures together. I love these two more than anything. They bring so much joy into my life and all I can say is that I'm so grateful and proud of these two little rock stars.

Dora D.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

At the Market

Happy weekend everyone! Hope your day is going good so far. My day was pretty fun...the husband and I went to the market and we bought some great healthy food. These are the items that we had in our shopping cart...

Yup, it's mostly fruits, vegetables and dairy. Eating the healthy...

And guess what I've discovered? Village Hearth Cottage Bread - making it the old fashion way! I love what they have on the package, "We're 100 years behind the times." Pretty cool...I always wanted to travel back in time to see how life would be like. My thoughts - imagine it simple and fun. The bread is delicious!

I've also discovered that they have a larger size (1.5 liter) of this Martinelli's apple cider. This is my favorite apple cider drink and was so excited to see that they have a larger size. I thought I should share this because surprisingly, the husband has never tried it before so I wanted to share the wealth in case you haven't had it either :)

Coming home from the market with our groceries in our recycling grocery bags.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!


The snow is melting! Woo Hoo!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Winter Song

For a moment I thought winter was done but it snowed yesterday. Oh how I long for it to be over. I saw this video on Arian Armstrong and it just reminds me of this year's winter but it helps ease my heart. Summer soon to be here...


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looking Vintage...

Drew Barrymore

Shannyn Sossamon

Penelope Cruz

Juliet Roberts

Liv Tyler

Angelina Jolie

Who's your favorite look?


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Falling In Love

It's so amazing how a child can capture your heart in an instant...the husband and I baby-sat our niece, Evelyn on Saturday and we are so in love with her. Evelyn is about 16 months old and she is the sweetest baby ever. Our day was full of fun...

playing bubbles with uncle

having lunch and teaching uncle how to do sign lanuage

snack time

and relaxing by the fire place with a pacifier.

We love reading Evelyn's blog and learn what's new about her but spending time with this sweet baby is a whole new story. It makes us fall in so much love with her! Thanks Ari & Becca for letting us have her for the day!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Runway...

Here is some footage of the Anthropologie Spring Fashion Show as I promised. Enjoy!
We love how Anthropologie keeps it real and used models that come in all ages, sizes and shapes. It allows the audience to feel more comfortable fitting into their clothes.

Some insights on how to put pieces of clothing together and accessorize your outfit for the spring. A booklet that was given to us at the fashion show talking about the 2011 spring trends.

I apologize for the delay in posting this. We had a "Bloggers Day of Silence" yesterday to show our love and support for those who are affected by the devastation in Japan. Our prayers be with them.


LoveJustice - Awareness for Human Trafficking

Last night I attended a Call and Response Screening about Human Trafficking around the world. Man O man... I was not able to watch the entire video without tears. I've always had a heart for this cause and I believe its my turn to raise the platform to show awareness =)

My dear friend Amy has started a handmade greeting card business in which proceeds will go towards organizations that fight against human trafficking. She is an amazing woman with such a grand heart. Here are a couple I managed to pick out. They are all so lovely.

Please visit her website if you have the heart to give or if you would like one of these beautiful greeting cards.

Dora D.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anthropologie Fashion Show

What can be better then celebrating St. Patrick's Day with your sister at a fashion show?! My sister-in-law, Becca and I went to the Anthropologie Spring Fashion Show tonight and it was one of the best nights ever. It was so wonderful to be able to spend some quality time with the sister!

We had dinner at Mozza Mia pizzeria for the first time and the pizza was delicious!
Here we are at Anthropologie Fashion Show. They have beautiful settings and provided some delicious food.

I love how Anthropologie has so many unique things that you can get for the living room, bedroom and even the kitchen :)

I'll be posting some footage of the fashion show so don't forget to check back. Hope you all had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thrift Finds

Just like my sister Athena, I'm a huge thrift shopper. The best thing about thrift and vintage clothing is that you don't have to worry about anyone else wearing the same thing. I was amazed by all the great things I found when I went thrift shopping for the first time. Here are two of my favorite thrift finds:

Dora D.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Awakening

Spring is a wonderful season because there is always so much going on. You feel so rejuvenated with all the fresh air, flowers blooming, and warmth. You're landing on your luck when you could see all the butterflies swarming and birds flying while sipping on fresh lemonade.You can feel the butterflies swarming all around. You can't help but to smile with all the sounds of color around you, but imagine if you can translate that into fashion! Your world has just gotten so much better!

Spring fashion has to be my favorite because it's always okay to mix and match all the bright colors along with the floral prints and short skirts. Here are some of my favorite upcoming Spring Looks.

I love this cute romper by Orla Kiely. This year is certainly going to be a big year on patterned rompers.

Love this pair.

Sweet Darling you're just like Spring...
with laughter in your eyes and songs in your heart.
Smile with the primos golds all around you.
Stroll through sunlit groves
Rejoice with the caressing breeze.
Let's dance in fragrant gardens...
and bask in ethereal moments
Sweet Darling, what a sweet season this is.
(Quoted from the Ruche Spring Lookbook)

Vintage Inspired by J.Crew

The color green on this vintage damask purse is so vibrant!

tba:Spring 2011

Dora D.
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