Thursday, October 4, 2012


fall has been so beautiful here in minnesota. it is so colorful everywhere you go and even our yard is quite colorful.

fall is my favorite season of the year...time for sweaters and boots. i love the fall style.

the weather has been nice for the past few weeks except today it got pretty cold...but the perfect time for making pho soup :)

just enjoying the beautiful fall in our yard, flipping through catalogs with fall collection and enjoying the smell of pho cooking on our stove.

hello fall!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New York

for the past few weeks my husband and i have done some traveling and we had such a wonderful time. one of the places was in new york city, it was quite an experience. new york is definitely a busy place, and is lots of fun. it was my first time there and i described it as san francisco and las vegas combined :) we are so grateful to have our aunt, cousin and cousin's boyfriend there to tour us around! they took us everywhere and we would have been so lost without them! here are some images of new york from our camera...
on the ferry and spying the statue of liberty.

cousin eva and her boyfriend, jesse at washignton square park.

eating at the pier.

up the hill in new jersey to see new york city. beautiful moon that night.

at the history museum near central park

times square

hung out at the biggest starbucks i've seen so far - in times square

it was an awesome trip! looking forward to revisit new york again!

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