Thursday, September 29, 2011

one year anniversary

Hello! My husband and I just celebrated our one year anniversary of marriage - last weekend, Sept 24th. I am so happy to be married to this man and I would totally marry him again in a second :) My husband planned a wonderful day out at Stillwater – a place next to a beautiful lake with a strip mall full of vintage shops. We had lunch and dinner together and the day turned out awesome!

Sweet and short memory lane in pictures...
2011 - in San Francisco - Alcatraz is behind us

the wedding - 2010





Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time to breathe

Hello...I've been in California and just got back home for almost a week already. As much as I love California and miss it, it always feels good to be home with the hubby :) Sorry for our absence couple weeks ago...we were super busy bees getting the fashion show together. Now I'm just playing catch up with things around the house and with work...and finally have some room to breathe :) Above is one of the pictures from the backstage after the fashion show with the models and the runway coach. I'll be back with some more pictures from our trip. Just wanted to drop in to say hello.

So happy the weekend is near! Have a good night!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Embrace Fashion Show Video

Don't feel bummed out if you missed the Embrace Fashion Show. The video is here! Of course seeing it live is a better experience then seeing it on the screen but at least you'll have a taste of how it was like. We have to say the show was beyond what we expected. We had so much fun and we're so happy with the result!

Did you see any pieces of clothes that you are dying to have? If so, don't forget to check out our Shop in October for some of the items from our Vintage Love and Vintage Glamour collections. These are all unique, vintage clothes that you cannot find anywhere else and there are only one of each so you want to be the first one to grab it :)

Have a great week!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

2011 Embrace Fashion Show

Embriven hosted our very first fashion show Embrace to showcase our vintage line as well as educate and show awareness towards human trafficking.

Weeks before the actual show, the models had to go get their fittings as well as practice practice pratice.

8:00am call time! The production/stage team worked their butts off to get the venue to look like this!

Models arrive at 12pm for rehearsals, hair and makeup.

While the models are getting prettied up, our Creative Arts Director and his team were setting up the art exhibition in the lobby.

6:00pm and the show is ready to begin!

The show was an overall success and the most important part was... we all had lots of fun!

Photos by: Basil Sar and Aaron Olson
Hair: Shampoo Dolls
Makeup: Christine Pacifico and Linh Troung

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