Monday, August 22, 2011

Vintage Fun

The husband and I went out for lunch this weekend and guess what we spotted? An antique store! It was amazing!

(click on photo for larger view)

There were so many vintage things there that I wanted everything :) I didn't buy everything but I did come home with a dream come true item...

A Tom Thumb typwriter and it's green! Yes, I've been searching and searching for a green vintage typewriter and I finally got one and it still works. All I got to do is change the ribbon. I was the happiest gal this weekend :)

Hope your weekend was fantastic too!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

my little treasure hunt.

This might be a little silly but I was so happy I found some vintage wooden alphabet blocks and spools on my treasure hunt a few days ago. One of the spools belongs to the navy...pretty cool. It's a collection for some projects in the future :)

Care to share about your treasure hunt? I would love to know!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Here you are...

1. Are you married?
Yes, to an incredible man!

2. Do you have any kids?
No, but I want six kids...ops :) I have a big family and we're all really close so that's why I love to have many children and I love babies.

3. What's your favorite food?
Almost everything...I love food! Especially, if it's spicy and I love fruits!

4. How did you first get into blogging?
Ever since Embriven...I'm not big with telling the whole world about my personal life but my sister got me a little out of it :) and because there is a purpose for Embriven...I guess it's ok to share your thoughts. I'm not computer savvy but having a sister and a husband that are...I'm staring to pick up some stuff.

5. What's your favorite leisure activity (shopping does not count)?
Umm...I can only think of I like to read but haven't been lately. I've been finding myself mostly cleaning and thinking of new ideas. I guess you can say I'm always cleaning or organizing something but, no I'm totally not O.C.D :)

6. Share one funny fact about yourself.
I wasn't sure what it is so I asked my husband what he thinks and he said "You're always on a look out for beef jerky. You can never pass one by without checking it out." LOL...did I forget to mention that I LOVE beef jerky on the third question?

7. Favorite song of the moment.
"More Beautiful You" by Jonny Diaz. My choice would always be positive music and no swear words.

8. Inspiration...
Mother Teresa - I fell in love with her humble heart when I first read her book.

Any more questions for us? Just ask!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Canada Photoshoot

I did a little photoshoot with the cousin in Canada and it was so much fun! We were in a small town call Gimli and it was such a fun little town. The lake was beautiful and the country side was so nice.
(click on photo for larger view)

Our first visit was at a relative's farm and I LOVE farms. Even though I grew up in the city I always adore the farm life...I love the simpleness of it and the organic lifestyle. I did dream of owning a farm with lots of animals and a ranch with horses when I was a little girl. Maybe I might want to live on a farm one day...
but only if I could be close enough to the city. I love the farm life but I also don't want to be too far away from the city :)
Model: Eva DeMeo
Baby: Evelyn Elisabeth Olson

I love this last's so sentimental! Thank you Eva and Ev!


More Beautiful

I woke up and read a beautiful post from Pie N' The Sky, (a blog that we are part of sponsoring this month) and it reminds me of the song "More Beautiful" by Jonny Diaz. It's no artistic/fancy video but the lyric itself speaks enough. Hope you enjoy because there aren't too many songs out there that speak encouragement :)

Happy Weekend!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

checking in...

I just wanted to say a quick hello. The husband and I have been in Canada for the last weekend for a family reunion and it has been a wonderful trip. It was my first time there and I really enjoyed it. We had a long drive but it was fun at the same time because I haven't been on a road trip for awhile now. Here's a glance of the road trip to Canada in pictures...

All packed up and ready to go.

On the road.

Beautiful country view.

Rest time.

At the rest area.

I'll be back with some more pictures and stay tuned for my Q&A post!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Q&A: Dora Danh

I figured it'd be nice to have a little Q&A session so you could get to know us a little better. I know sometimes its a bit difficult to keep up with two or more bloggers at the same time (especially when they live miles and miles apart). So today we'll start with a couple of Q&A for me (Dora).

1. How did you first get into blogging?
I actually started blogging when I was a freshman in high school. Of course it wasn't for leisure, but it was mandatory for class (an engineering class). I was a part of the "Magnet Program" for some time in high school. I guess you could say I was sort of a computer geek. We learned how to use AutoCad as well as breaking computers apart and assembling them back together. It was actually a lot of fun for me... but I would never see myself as an engineer =) Anyways, we had to update our progress with the different projects in class... After the course was over, I decided to change my Username and Password and made it into an online diary... Thank God I deleted all those posts from high school =P

2. What's your favorite leisure activity (shopping does not count)?
Hmm... well aside from shopping, I used to be really big on arts and crafts, but its been difficult with a full time job. My favorite thing to do was to scrapbook. I used to collect the most random things ever and then use it for my scrapbook. Nowadays with my busy schedule... I try to find time to sneak in some running, hiking, and exploring. I love to just walk around the park, feel the breeze and take a breather. I kind of need it once in a while to keep myself sane.

3. Share one funny fact about yourself.
I break everything I touch =/ I'm the biggest dork at work... and I'm always having trouble with the copy machine, scanners, staplers, etc. They actually call me "Dora the Destroyer" but I always tell them I prefer to be called "Dangerous Dora."

4. Tell us a childhood secret.
My mom is a fashionista herself, but we never really had the money to have luxurious clothing when we were kids. Our clothes of course, came from the thrift stores. But don't get me wrong, my mom was a great treasure hunter and would always find us the best quality clothes. She always made her kids look their best. It was although a bit embarrassing to tell friends where our clothes came form, so when asked... we would always say "Macys" =X

5. Favorite song of the moment
I have two actually... "Nothing I Hold Onto" by United Pursuit and "Times" by Tenth Avenue North... I'm usually a sucker for Indie/Pop/Rock, but it really depends on the season in my life... For right now, I must say its the inspirational/encouraging music that best fits the season. I'm definitely in a season of transition and I'm always needing a reminder that everything is going to be okay and that its all part of the plan... Everyone has a time in their life where you have to make a sharp turn and sometimes too fast to even realize it at the moment... these two songs are to remind me that God is in control and that He will always be my greatest comfort, joy and strength.

Welp... I think that should be enough for today. Hopefully, you were able to get a better glimpse of who I am or maybe even able to distinguish between the two of us?


Dora D.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It's already half way through summer and autumn is just around the corner - so fast! I got to get my Bohemian look on before it's too late :) This is one of my favorite maxi dress because it's so easy to wear.

With the pattern and the color on this dress - you can pull the Bohemian look with just one piece! Happy shopping for that one dress :)

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