Friday, September 4, 2009

TGIF! Friday full of randomness...

1. My room

I am finally completely moved back with my parents. Finally finished setting up my room! Its a lot smaller than the one in my apartment but I think I can manage.

Finally added my sewing machine.

2. Art

Picked up my 3 year old niece today from preschool and she showed off her art work... So I'm showing it off to you!

3. L.A. Girl

I have this thing for L.A. Girl (FLARE) nail polish. I think I got it from working at Urban Outfitters. LOVE IT!

4. Random Photo

Found a picture on photobucket I really like.

5. High School Scrapbook

Found my high school scrap book... wow.. its been 5 years!

6. First Doll

Made this doll for my sis a couple years back

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