Wednesday, September 30, 2009





Boutiques and Shops:

Therapy Boutique

I love this store... my best friend introduced this to me about a year ago... there are a couple around the US, not very much though. The style is very similar to Urban Outfitters.


Zara originated in Spain... and to them Zara is another Forever 21, H&M, etc. but here in the U.S., there's only a couple of them... and of course... there's one in San Francisco and New York... Love this store...

Shannyn Sossamon

She's so beautiful and talented... She was in movies such as "A Knight's Tale", "Undiscovered", "The Holiday", etc. She's also a drummer and a DJ... And.. she's a thrift shopper! Amazing!

Molly Jenson

This is an amazing song by Molly Jeson and Jon Foreman... It's called Dreamer... love the lyrics... too bad it has not been officially recorded.

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