Saturday, June 5, 2010

A beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple...

Andrew and Thuy's wedding was so much fun... It was a beautiful wedding held at the Vietnamese garden restaurant in San Jose. The color of the theme was maroon and of course accented with beautiful roses arranged by a very close friend. The night was full of singing and dancing and of course the wine!

Snapshot of the bride's bouquet.

A goofy picture of me talking right before the reception began.

My close friend Kelly doing a classy pose for the camera. She also sang a lovely ballad for the bride and groom. Her adorable outfit was inspired by the 1920s and of course the dress from Anthropologie.

I had the honor to sit at the front desk and greet our beloved guests!

Overall, it was a fantastic night. I'm sorry to say...but I forgot to take a picture of the cake...!

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  1. i like that picture of u and Bee... so red carpet like. love u!


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