Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What did you wear?

At the wedding...
For those who asked *The bride's wedding dress: Jessica McClintock; Headband: Anthropologie; Bracelet: Jcrew; Maid of Honor's skirt: Top shop; Blouse: Forever21; Shoes: Steve Madden*

We found the same pattern of dresses for the bridesmaids at UO and Top Shop. I meant to break the tradition with weddings and not have a theme color and wanted the bridesmaids to wear everything different. I gave them the freedom to reconstruct their dress however they like it to be and that's what the Maid of Honor did. She reconstructed the dress, turn it into a skirt and added a blouse - it became a two piece outfit. It turned out perfect!

(click on picture for larger view)

As for the shoes, they could wear whatever they want. I believe your wedding should reflect who you are and not how it should be - you'll have more fun that way. I had a lot of fun mix and matching everything! You can see more of the wedding pictures here



  1. Love the pictures of the shoes! Just cause I have a shoe fettish :)

  2. Love your blog Dora & Athena!!!


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