Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Here's a little quote from Green-Inspired that will hopefully influence you to make greener choices!

What Inspires You?
For us, it's fresh air, clean water, and positive change. It's greener choices. Everything matters. The little things you do make a big difference.

Eco-Heather, Eco-Fleece by Alternative Apparel

I just love the thought of everyone making small sacrifices like recycling or greener substitutions in order to make a difference. My favorite must be being Green in the Fashion Industry. I love the saying "Green is the new black." Green is such a positive trend that can really benefit everyone. Here are a few FAQS in Eco-friendly clothing:

Eco-friendly dyes: Low-impact dyes that do not contain heavy metal or toxic substances

Eco-friendly fabrics: You can mix fibers with organic cotton (non-pesticides) with recycled polyester (from bottles or plastic) and rayon (from plants)

Recycled Clothing: My favorite! Thrift store shopping or re-inventing old clothing to new and modern stytles!

Hope you're enjoying your day and the beautiful place God has created around us!

Dora D.

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