Thursday, May 5, 2011

Taylor's Closet

I came across Taylor's Closet a couple of months ago and I was amazed by the things they are doing for their community. What is Taylor's Closet? Taylor's Closet is an organization that brings comfort to girls who have been through some sort of trauma in their lives. Whether its abuse, addiction, rejection, hopelessness, etc., Taylor's closet is there to show that someone cares and to reflect the love of Christ on them.

Various fashion designers, clothing co. have definitely offered support by donating great quality, high-end clothing items so that Taylor's Closet can bless others in need. I was truly touched after coming across their website and what they're doing is just fantastic.

Girls are truly being changed through their experiences at Taylor's Closet. Please check them out and read the different testimonies and inspirational stories.
Taylor's Closet

Taylor's Closet has truly inspired and motivated me to continue my works with embriven. I believe we can reflect Christ's love through the creative arts industry.

Hear my story on my upcoming blog post!


Dora D.

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