Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I thought it would be fun to do some dress-up post time by time to share with you guys. Since this blog is about fashion after all :) As a kid I love to play dress-up. My child hood best friend and I would play dress-up and take pictures so very was a lot of fun.

I love thrift shopping since I was young...especially, looking for vintage pieces and the cool thing about that is that it's least likely for anyone to to have the same pieces as you have. I remember getting many compliments from people when I was in high school about my style (not trying to brag) little did they know most of my clothes are from the thrift store. Though I did have some friends that knew and they asked me to shop for them. Yes, I find pieces at the thrift store and resell it - just because they asked me too :) And that's how I developed a hobby until today.

I love putting different pieces of clothing together and create my own personal style. Finding your own style really reflects who you are and really speaks your character without having to say anything. I LOVE to work with people and help them figure out their own style, what fits best with their body type and make them look gorgeous; and learn how to speak characters through clothes. Looking good and feeling good in the clothes that you wear definitely helps boost up another notch of confidence!

We have a lot of exciting things happening at Embriven, we will start posting some more personal fashion post, DIY post, and more fun post. We also would love to know what you want to see more from us so feedback is welcome! We also will be launching our online shop soon - launching date is still tentative but will announce it when it is ready. We're so excited! Not to even mention our sponsorship for the Embrace fashion show! Stay tuned for more fun things from Embriven!


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