Monday, October 17, 2011

Why Go Vintage?

"The irony is that vintage is actually what all of the new stuff in stores is made to look like anyway. In a world where everything's accessible and ubiquitous, vintage is the way to personalize your look. Plus, with vintage, you're pretty much guaranteed that your buy will last. Every decade has something to offer: A little black dress from the '50s or a great jersey oneshoulder disco dress from the '70s are signature looks that will last forever." -Cameron Silver

An excerpt from Vintage Shopping 101 by Cameron Silver. Read here for the full article on Marie Claire. One of the tips that Cameron Silver gave in the article that I strongly agree with is to not dress in vintage from head-to-toe. I never find myself wearing everything just doesn't feel nor look right. As much as I love vintage clothes - and everything - I still want my outfit to be up-to-date. Mixing a vintage piece with a modern item will give you a unique look that no one else has and still puts you in today's trend.

xo - athena

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