Monday, January 23, 2012

can't keep quiet

ok, i i have this love hate thingy for food. i love hubby and best friend accuse me of a junk food addict but really, it's every food. i don't necessary eat a big portion - my mother says i eat like a cat but my co-worker can't see me stop confused? the truth is i love food - every food of every culture. i love trying new things and anything that looks interesting. though, i do have a stomach that can't consume big portions at once but i have adventurous taste buds and a mouth that keeps chewing on different things. there, that's my little love hate secret and i'm only sharing this with you is because i've been drooling over "what katie ate" blog. her food, recipes, photos just bring waters to my mouth! i think you will love it too! check out her photos - maybe this will help you picky eaters to not be picky :)

told you it'll make you drool! my foremost favorite blog that i've been looking at lately! check out what katie ate and you'll get hooked :)


1 comment:

  1. DROOL!!! all these food pics looks so yummy! must check out this blog.


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