Thursday, June 7, 2012

Green Onion

Thinking about indoor planting reminds me of something I had read on the web about re-growing green onions inside your home. It is so simple and easy. If you like green onions and use them for cooking like me here’s a great way to stock them up without having to spend a dime again :)
1. Buy a bunch of fresh green onions, cut off the top part and use them up.
2. Save the roots part (bottom) to re-grow them.
3. Fill an empty jar up with water
4. Stick the roots in the jar and watch them grow! They grow pretty fast and it’s fun watching it!

Above is a picture of my green onions showing where I had cut them and how much they have grown in just 3 days.

Try it out and lets hope it taste good too :)


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