Monday, June 10, 2013

A Peek of Our Home

this is just a small piece of our home (my husband & i). we still have a lot of spaces to fill up and a few more things to fix. it's been a little over 14 months that we bought our house and we are loving it very much. we live in the suburb; the neighborhood is very nice and peaceful, we have lots of trees and animals around us. this picture is in our living room with our new tufted velvet sofa that we bought for it. however, designing your own home can be an ever changing process...those frames can end up somewhere else in the house few months from now and the sofa could be moved to our family room when we have more new items :) we still have some old furniture we want (well, i want) to replace, a lot of our walls are still empty and we still have to finish painting the rest of the house white. still a lot to do but i'm also the type that does not like to rush into things until i'm sure of it - so it will take us a while until our house is completed. i will share more with you as it progresses.

have a great week!


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