Saturday, May 28, 2011

Collection Within a Collection

Hello from Minnesota! I'm finally spending face to face time with my big sis in Minnesota. This will be my second time being in the North Star State and I've been enjoying every minute of it. First and foremost, I must compliment on the beauty of my sister Athena's home. She did an amazing job decorating the place and one thing I just keep running into are her glass jars. Every room has at least one jar filled with something different. It is just too cute and so I must share it with you all =)

1. Bobbins

2. Buttons

3.&4. Silver Spoons and Measuring Spoons

5. Rubber-bands

6. Ribbons

7. Mini Paperclips

8. Bows

9. Rings

and...10. The regular cotton balls

Well I hope you guys are enjoying your Memorial Weekend so far. I know I am! Please stay tuned and we'll be updating you on our weekend together!

Dora Danh

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