Friday, May 13, 2011


"Erin Austin of OK SWEETHEART has the voice of Billie Holiday, but she dresses all that longing in a polka-dot vintage dress with a scalloped collar and croons to bouncy chords on piano. She sings about as many cities as she claims her project hails from — bandmates McKenzie Smith (Midlake) and guitarist Jeremy Buller (Sarah Jaffe, Bosque Brown) connect Austin (ha!) to Denton, though she resides in San Franscisco and the project has ties to Tulsa and Brooklyn. I enjoy listening to OK Sweetheart much more than I do Regina Spektor, but the comparison is an easy one to make at a cursory listen, so you hear it often."
-Lyndsay Milne

Besides the music and her adorable personality, my favorite part of the video is the 60's vibe it carries. I've recently picked up some baking as a new hobby and I just love all her baking essentials. If she actually did all the baking herself, what a mighty great job!


Dora Danh

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