Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our Engagement Story!

March 22, 2013 was probably one of the most magical night of my life... Here's the full story!

During a trip to Austin in February, I bought a wedding magazine to browse while on the plane. I've been looking at rings for quite some time... (you know how girls tend to do that stuff when you're in love). Well, I found just the perfect ring on a magazine page. It was a beautiful Fred Leighton vintage inspired ring. But my luck ran out when I realized there was only one in this world at the price of $45,000.

Page from the magazine...

Little did I know, Mehdi took the initiative and bought that same magazine. He had the ring custom made!!! And this is where the story begins...

It took them about three months to finish the ring and according to Mehdi, he was planning on proposing this month, but when he got the ring in his hands, he just couldn't wait. He contacted friends and family as soon as he got the ring and told them he was going to propose the following day.

Everyone was pretty much scrambling around to plan out this perfect day. It was a Friday, and I had made plans with my girlfriends to meet up for dinner and happy hour at San Pedro Square Market in downtown San Jose, CA.

Mehdi called me that day while I was at work to ask if I could pick him up from his apartment (15 miles from San Jose) and carpool together back because he wanted to visit his parents. I agreed.

When it was getting closer towards the end of the day, I realized I had so much more to do at work so I stayed about half an hour behind to get it done. I tried everything in my power to escape picking Mehdi up and dropping him off at his parents. I wasn't in the best mood and I didn't want to miss the happy hour.

My girlfriends decided to push back the happy hour and that was when he finally convinced me again to pick him up and drive him to San Jose.

When I walked into this apartment, he had the entire living room decorated with a candlelit dinner prepared. He went on one knee and popped the question.

I didn't remember much of the speech because half of me was just too excited and the other half of me felt soo bad that I gave him such a hard time. All I remembered was him sweating like a pig and showing me the ring. Of course I said YES!

I was just soo excited I couldn't even touch the food on the table. I was calling all my close friends and family, but of course they all knew in advance. They were actually all at the San Pedro Square Market with my girlfriends awaiting our arrival to get the party started.

We partied all night and it was definitely one of the happiest day of my life.


Dora D.

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